Show Notes


Trevor Ragan, founder of Train Ugly, is on a quest to challenge everything you think you know about sports, education, and development. Right in his mom’s basement, he began a search to uncover the truth about how human beings learn and develop across sports and life. He started a blog that’s become a powerhouse platform, where he shares lessons from the greatest minds in learning, education and development. He’s able to deliver complex concepts in easy ways to understand. His video essays, blogs, workshops, and graphics have opened gates for him to work with companies such as Microsoft and Chipotle, and he’s now a sought after speaker, coach, and storyteller. Trevor now prides himself in working with best-selling authors, Olympic coaches, professional athletes, distinguished professors, thousands of coaches, teachers, students, and players from all over the world.

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  • ‘’Emotions isn’t something to battle against or try to get rid of. ‘’ [4:28]
  • ‘’You need to reframe everything as an opportunity to grow.’’ [6:56]
  • ‘’We all have fear, we all have stories, and we all experience emotions and pain when we struggle and fail.’’ [17:28]
  • ‘’As soon as people feel attacked, they’re not going to learn nor listen.’’ [20:45]
  • ‘’ Everything we do is an opportunity to grow.’’ [29:47]
  • ‘’ It’s important to zoom out and appreciate how lucky you are to be an athlete.’’ [49:47]


  • The role emotions play in performance and growth mindset. [3:30]
  • Ways to build self-talk language for it to be empowering. [6:15]
  • How lack of focus limits your growth. [9:26]
  • How and when the shift happened to Trevor. [12:12]
  • The notion of expanding capacities. [15:49]
  • Athlete culture around building career capital versus being socially accepted. [18:19]
  • Does the scientists’ approach help coaches understand and implement what you try to teach? [20:12]
  • How can positive mindset stories influence the culture of sports? [22:43]
  • Why ego prevents us from hitting our peak performance. [27:06]
  • How to build personal principals as an athlete. [30:58]
  • The birth of the jungle-tiger notion. [37:26]
  • How to be honest and aware of what’s important to you. [42:06]
  • Why showing love to athletes as a coach is important. [44:55]
  • What it means to Trevor to be an Omni athlete[49:27]