Show Notes


Trevor Tierney, a retired professional lacrosse athlete, and entrepreneur who’s the only one to have won several championships such as 2 NCAA’s, MLL and ILF, is now the co-founder of Delta Developmental which is a consulting firm that is dedicated to optimizing leadership development programs for athlete’s, teams and organizations. During his career, he saw the power of sports which led him back to school, where he studied psychology to learn more about human development. His training program has contributed to championship teams at the highest levels of sport and countless executive leaders primed to experience life in full.

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  • ‘’Athletes that have the most resilience are the freshman.’’ (6:54)
  • ‘’Leadership and character training leads to performance on the field.’’ (8:10)
  • ‘’There is value in understanding the difference between the process and the outcome.’’ (25:25)
  • ‘’The journey is more valuable and memorable than the outcome.’’ (28:45)
  • ‘’To love and respect your competition doesn’t mean you’re not going to go hard against them in our field of completion.’’ (36:01)
  • ‘’Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.’’ (41:05)


  • Thesis study on developmental maturity, resilience capacity and alcohol use in college student-athletes. (2:30)
  • Discussion on resilience development in athletes outside the field. (5:24)
  • Steps or actions that can be taken to ensure college and high school athletes continue to be more resilient in sports. (9:29)
  • How to shift athlete’s way of thinking about their role models, sports and beyond. (12:37)
  • Different developmental stages and how coaches can use this acknowledge to help their athletes grow. (16:37)
  • Discussion mission and or self-authored athletes and leaders. (21:23)
  • How to balance the process of skill development and goal achievement. (26:10)
  • How to develop self-awareness, flow, and healthy ego. (29:25)
  • How to balance control and letting go in sports. (31:30)
  • Can competition be a path to flow? (34:33)
  • How to incorporate respect and compassion in competitive sport. (37:07)
  • How Trevor Tierney transitioned out of sport into what he’s doing now. (39:40)
  • What triggered Trevor Tierney’s shift. (42:28)
  • What Omni athlete means to Trevor Tierney (45:25)