Kristen Ulmer was the best female big mountain skier in the world for 12 years and was voted the most fearless female athlete in North America by the Outdoor Industry.

This former self-proclaimed (although unknown to her at the time) fear junkie turned mindset sports coach, author, speaker and fear specialist reveals how becoming intimate with fear can unlock peak performance.

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Pulled Quotes

  • “The whole reason I did what I did athletically was because I enjoyed feeling fear.” [1:00]
  • “It’s the thought that ‘I don’t want to feel this’ that makes us become gripped by fear.” [3:40]
  • “Repressed fear will come back and tsunami you the next time.” [6:25]
  • “Fear of speaking in front of an audience is actually a bigger fear than death itself.” [11:00]
  • “Life without fear would be so boring.” [13:35]
  • “Bambee plus fear equals Super-Bambee.” [16:27]
  • “Fear is nothing more than discomfort in the body.” [17:15]
  • “I attribute all of my injuries to the repression of fear.” [25:35]
  • “You are supposed to be afraid.” [32:55]
  • “Notice your relationship with discomfort.” [39:15]
  • “Your relationship with fear is the most important relationship of your life.” [45:45]


Show Notes

  • Kristen’s relationship with fear when she was at the peak of her athletic career [2:00]
  • An outline to understand what the grip of fear actually feels like when you’re preparing to drop into a big mountain run, race or perform at any level [3:30]
  • The true difference between Bill Gates and the rest of the world that’s allowed him to succeed at such heights [7:40]
  • The evolution of Kristen’s fear as an athlete [9:00]
  • Why experiences of intense fear often become our most memorable [13:25]
  • Putting a new context around the meaning and understanding of the “fight or flight” response [15:40]
  • How Kristen navigated the transition from world-champion extreme athlete post-career [21:10]
  • The four ways that athletes can approach fear [24:30]
  • The art of fear method [28:50]
  • Why lowering the resistance to fear is a fundamental component of becoming intimate with your fear AND how Kristen recommends athletes can begin leaning into the resistance [36:50]


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