Eben Britton is a former NFL player and is the co-founder of Athletes for Care and Be Tru Organics.  

This former professional athlete turned advocate for mindfulness and cannabis as a tool for pain management, mental health and emotional self-regulation, reveals how becoming a mindful warrior can lead to sustained peak performance.

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Pulled Quotes

  • “The game has a way of rectifying itself within the individual’s experiences.” [0:30]
  • “Consciousness and mindfulness as an athlete is such an overlooked component of your process.” [6:45]
  • “Everything you do as a player is about pleasing this system.” [9:15]
  • “I lost sight of what it means to fulfil myself as a human being and feeling healthy in a holistic way.” [10:35]
  • “The more connected you can be to the universe, the more connected you can be to your surroundings, the more you feel your feet on the ground, the more you are in your body, the more you’ll be able to perform to your fullest ability.” [13:05]
  • “Food is medicine.” [15:45]
  • “Guys are searching for a way to deal with the pain.” [17:43]
  • “Life was about getting stuff done instead of life being about something to experience.” [26:40]
  • “The minute you start asking why is the minute you lose your edge as a competitor.” [29:05]
  • “Coming out of our careers we have very few tools for dealing in regular society.” [37:15]
  • “We are tribal beings.” [44:55]
  • “Combining the spirit and the physical is the ultimate in athletic performance.” [48:02]


Show Notes

  • The anger that Eben played with and its impact on his health, performance and life [3:30]
  • Eben’s introduction to mindfulness and consciousness, and the impact it had on his career [5:55]
  • Why coaching philosophies and structure have such a profound impact on the consciousness of athlete’s [8:05]
  • Why being more mindful will make you a better player and person [11:05]
  • What it was like to be an outsider as Eben evolved as a human being and athlete [13:45]
  • Why so many players turn to cannabis over the opiods endemic to the mindset of professional athletics [21:15]
  • Being a professional athlete with ADHD [25:15]
  • Playing football high and Eben’s experience [29:30]
  • Eben’s goal behind founding Athletes 4 Care [35:05]
  • The coaches that have succeeded implementing mindfulness into their teams and organizations [42:30]


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