Sean Brawley is a former top 150 ranked tennis player, peak performance coach and was the primary mental coach for the USC football team for nine years.  

This former professional athlete turned first ever Inner Game certified coach in the world, reveals how unlocking your breakthrough experience can lead to sustained peak performance.

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Pulled Quotes

  • “You have to practice inner skills if you want them to develop.” [2:40]
  • “Most of us are carrying an enormous amount of stress that we don’t realize.” [4:11]
  • “The foundation of excellence in all things is your mental and emotional state.” [7:45]
  • “When we feel good we perform well.” [9:30]
  • “There’s a place we can go to beyond thought.” [10:25]
  • “Anytime we bring our presence and awareness to what we’re doing, we can’t really do it the same way ever again.” [20:05]
  • “Anger at its root is really just an energy.” [25:05]
  • “The most important starting point is for a person to be themselves.” [28:15]
  • “Identify what’s critical, then focus all the attention on that.” [45:10]
  • “Know who you are and be that person.” [1:02:05]


Show Notes

  • The difficulty and power of turning off the inner-critic that plagues many athletes [:50]
  • The tools and techniques Sean uses to help people bring their focus to the present moment [3:20]
  • What happens when you actually find your normal state of abundance and being [5:50]
  • The foundation of mental and emotional excellence for athletes [7:45]
  • The expression of the authentic self in athletic performance [9:50]
  • The first time Sean accessed the inner game and focused on it as a path to peak performance [12:35]
  • The difference between the old paradigm of coaching and the new inner-game focus [15:20]
  • What he learned from interviewing the best tennis players in the world on mental and emotional performance [22:15]
  • The role of emotional release and control in the moment to achieve peak performance [27:05]
  • Sean’s take on the data of performance vs. the fell of performance [40:25]
  • The key indicators of whether a team is playing up to their potential [47:05]
  • The power of the long body and healing the interconnectedness of the team [49:15]
  • Why Sean believes it’s not about getting into the Zone quickly and easily – it’s about practicing the techniques that prepare you for the experience [54:05]


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