Ryan Redondo is a former international world junior champion tennis player and a member of the team that earned San Diego State University’s lone National Championship, while making it to #1 in the NCAA doubles rankings.

This Paramahansa Yogananda initiate turned University of the Pacific men’s tennis head coach, reveals how finding freedom through discipline can unlock peak performance.

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Pulled Quotes

  • “When my players are starting to cramp I can see the emotions – the nerves in them producing these cramps.” [12:20]
  • “When I felt good I was going to play well. And when I didn’t – it was very frustrating.” [16:05]
  • “Learning discipline created a ton of freedom for me.” [16:55]
  • “With feel comes confidence. The only way to get feel is to let go. The only way to let go is to get setup.” [17:20]
  • “Control the controllables.” [18:10]
  • “The way I perceived how to compete was all within.” [19:55]
  • “It’s spiritual when you’re disciplined.” [24:55]
  • “You have a physical resource that connects to your being as you compete.” [26:00]
  • “It’s all about honesty.” [30:00]
  • “Understand how to compete internally.” [30:45]
  • “Where are you?” [32:50]
  • “When your core moves it’s thinking for itself.” [36:25]
  • “Tap into feeling” [41:45]
  • “I’d like to start to say the word mentor more than coach.” [42:45]


Show Notes

  • How Ryan approached competition and playing tennis when he was growing up that led him to peak performance [1:00]
  • What it was like following in the footsteps of his parents and family as a young, successful, high performance youth athlete [4:00]
  • The drive that Ryan’s dad instilled in him and how he managed the pressure to perform from his family and competition [5:15]
  • The mindset that Ryan approached competition with as a teenage athlete and what he did to overcome full-body cramps with meditation and visualization [9:30]
  • The yin and yang of his parents role in helping to expand his vision of the potential he had [14:00]
  • The physical and mental recovery process Ryan went through to turn around his mind and emotions through movement, meditation and visualization [15:00]
  • Why discipline gave Ryan the ultimate freedom he had been searching for as an athlete [18:00]
  • The impact of surfing and a Yogananda Ashram on his performance state and life [20:00]
  • The oneness of Ryan’s life and sport – the spirituality of sport [25:00]
  • 14-hour meditation days at an Ashram in India and Ryan’s first experience with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) [26:00]
  • Incorporating the tools and techniques that Ryan learned while becoming a head tennis coach [29:00]
  • Coaching 18-22 year-olds and how to manage the stress they experience off the court [32:00]
  • How the mindset, emotions and thoughts of a player manifest in their body and performance [35:00]
  • The power of finding awareness and connection to the feelings emanating from your core [37:00]
  • What Ryan recommends for coaches and parents who want to help their kids avoid and overcome burnout as a young high performance athlete [39:15]


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