Scott Ford is an author, clinician and peak performance specialist who discovered how to get into the zone by choice trying to improve his timing while playing tennis.

This integral philosopher turned co-founder of the Sports, Energy & Consciousness Group reveals how the parallel mode process can get you in the zone and unlock your authentic peak performance state.

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Pulled Quotes

  • “Focus on your contact zone.” [6:30]
  • “If you can get into the zone, then you’re going to play your best.” [7:30]
  • “I’ll still see the snow ball coming, it’s just out of focus as he throws it.” [11:10]
  • “It’s not that my strokes were bad, it’s that my visual information was inaccurate.” [14:25]
  • “Get rid of the thinker and bring out the doer.” [21:45]
  • “Expand your consciousness to the whole of the game that’s happening simultaneously.” [26:05]
  • “The game and I are one.” [27:45]
  • “Whole brain state.” [38:25]
  • “So often we live our lives slightly in the past – or way too far in the future.” [40:55]
  • “Be present to what’s going on right now.” [41:20]
  • “Sport is a direct connection to eternity.” [42:00]
  • “Perfection is always experienced in the present moment.” [44:40]
  • “A lot of good things happen when people stop trying to compare themselves with what’s going on outside of them.” [46:20]
  • “Focus on nothing. See everything.” [48:00]

Show Notes

  • Scott explains how he stumbled into the Zone by chance and how that moment shaped the rest of his life [1:00]
  • The keys Scott has identified for getting into the zone and finding a peak performance state [2:15]
  • The science behind why watching the ball is physically impossible for high performance athletes who want to get into the zone [8:30]
  • Scott talks about the intersection of neuroscience, visual data processing and getting in the zone [13:00]
  • How Scott’s new understanding of getting in the zone was received by the sports, neurology and psychology community [15:30]
  • Scott talks about how emerging science allows us to better measure, test and understand what is actually happening when we are in the zone [19:30]
  • Scott expands on his most recent book: Integral Consciousness and Sport – what it has to do with being in the zone and why it matters for all athletes [23:20]
  • The spirituality and divine moment that being in the zone is – why Scott experiences sport as a spiritual practice [26:20]
  • Why being in the zone causes transcendent experiences in sports and how most athletes don’t use their eyes the way they’re capable of [30:00]
  • The brain wave states you need to access in order to achieve peak performance and quiet the monkey mind [35:20]
  • Scott talks about how getting in the zone can apply to realizing our potential in all of life [40:00]
  • The feeling of universal truth that being in the zone reveals to us [43:30]
  • The challenge of tapping in and unlocking our authentic selves on the playing field [45:30]
  • The duality of inner peace and arousal for achieving peak performance – Scott talks about the true path to peak performance and detaching from the monkey mind [47:00]
  • Scott talks about training the Navy Seals into the zone and what that has to do with flying fighter jets [49:15]

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