Robyn Meagher is a 2-time Olympian and 17-year member of the Canadian national running team.

This former World Cup and Commonwealth Games Silver Medalist turned health and performance coach exposes the profound impact that approaching your athletic journey with love, generosity, and intention can have on accessing your peak performance state on this episode of Omni Athlete with Rich Walcoff.

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Pulled Quotes:

  • “Mind with Body” [5:45]
  • “How can I take what I feel right now and have that show up in a race” [11:07]
  • “In my highest moments of athletics, I felt like life was happening through me” [14:07]
  • “When we can bring all of ourselves, including the relational parts… then we can show up as whole human beings in ways that bring more capacity” [22:10]
  • “Food and community are pillars of our collective health and well-being” [24:15]
  • “It’s one of the most profound things you can do to live lightly on the Earth” [25:55]
  • “We are bombarded with opportunities to be afraid and overwhelmed” [32:15]
  • “Learn to be with discomfort in skillful ways” [33:05]


Show notes:

  • The moment that changed Robyn’s perspective on where athletics fit into her life [2:55]
  • Robyn talks about her life feeling out of balance because her competitive model was focused on the Olympic Dream/”the chase” [3:33]
  • How injury allowed Robyn to focus on the journey over the outcome [4:30]
  • Robyn talks about the impact of ancient Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine and yoga on her body/performance [7:00]
  • Being afraid and fearful of her competition made her contract inside, being generous felt like something “right” towards her competition – it aligned with her values outside of sport and focused on gratitude [8:10]
  • How feeling generous towards her competition allowed her to quiet performance anxiety and access her connected self [12:40]
  • The greatest gift she feels like she can impart to her daughter through athletics/movement and sport [14:50]
  • The balance of competing with love and generosity in an environment that’s dominated by fear, ego and mechanistic competition – especially for youth athletes [17:00]
  • Robyn dispels the notion that a relational and integral perspective/approach to the athletic experience can’t produce peak performance [20:00]
  • The impact of an elimination diet and cutting out certain foods on her performance – bucking the norm as a vegan athlete and how it improved her performance [24:00]
  • Connecting with intention and things that are life enriching and supportive of people’s wellbeing as a tool to prime getting into peak states [30:00]
  • Tools to cultivate goodness [32:00]
  • Robyn’s recommendation for young running athletes balancing multiple sports and early specialization [39:10]

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