Catt Tripoli is a former world champion bodybuilder and the first woman ever to win the California State, USA, National and Ms. Universe bodybuilding competitions all in the same year.

The second woman ever to appear on the cover of Flex Magazine turned entrepreneur, author and coach to athletes and executives reveal how the path of conscious fitness and the process of conversing with your body can unlock peak performance.

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Pulled Quotes

  • “Bodybuilding is bio-art.” [3:40]
  • “Your body doesn’t know the number that’s on the end of that weight.” [5:20]
  • “When you’re doing powerlifting or Olympic lifting, or crossfit it’s more of a concert of muscles… what I’m trying to do is a solo.” [5:50]
  • “The different bodies we have: the mental, the emotional, the physical, the spiritual… they all have different needs, wants, and personalities.” [8:15]
  • “They seem to push their energy outward. They’re yelling, they’re screaming, they’re focused on the mirror… they’re all over the place. For me, it’s very internal, it’s very quiet. Even in the noise and din of the gym.” [9:40]
  • “Am I clear in my request of my body?” [10:05]
  • “There’s nothing but possibility in empty space.” [12:10]
  • “The boundaries aren’t there. What we tell ourselves is where we stop.” [13:55]
  • “I don’t care if you’ve got a great body, if you get up there and you don’t know how to connect with the audience AND show it… you won’t go all the way.” [24:50]
  • “Can you run faster with the mind? Yes. Can you lift more with the mind? Yes.” [27:55]
  • “We are changing. We are evolving… both in brain and body” [33:10]
  • “You don’t need a sitting meditation, you need a moving meditation.” [35:30]
  • “I’m not going to let my body control me.” [39:30]


Show Notes

  • Catt explains what conscious fitness is to her and the difference between bodybuilding, powerlifting, and Olympic lifting – and why she chooses to lift alone [3:15]
  • Catt talks about the stories we tell ourselves around lifting weights and how she used her mind to rewire her body without changing the weight [5:15]
  • Catt reveals what it was like being a woman in the world of bodybuilding and weightlifting [6:30]
  • The different bodies we have and how that impacted Catt’s world of bodybuilding [8:15]
  • How Catt defines conscious eating and clearly communicating with her body intuitively [10:10]
  • Spirituality, Quantum Physics, Martial arts and Atheism in Catt’s spiritual journey [10:55]
  • Catt goes deep on the impact of quantum physics on the intuitive field of communication within her body and destroying the boundaries of time and space [14:00]
  • The strange dynamic of being a competitive bodybuilder who practices a sport but performs and is measured by their art [18:05]
  • The illusion of bodybuilding performance and how her mind was the key to achieving greatness [21:00]
  • How projecting her life force, energy and charisma allowed her to succeed [24:30]
  • Fun, flow and hypnosis to start looking like a winner and feeling like one subconsciously [25:15]
  • The tools and internal strategies she used to unleash her power – shapeshifting! [28:30]
  • Women growing in strength and skill in the sport of bodybuilding because they don’t see limitations and because we are all evolving and growing [32:30]
  • Finding meditation for a kinetic and highly active athlete that has trouble sitting – and how to not beat yourself up for it [35:15]
  • How bodybuilding saved her life [37:00]


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