Barry Robbins is a former nationally ranked athlete and elite fast-pitch softball player with a career spanning almost three decades.

The VP of Integral Transformative Practiced turned co-founder of the Sports, Energy & Consciousness Group reveals how listening to your gut and training your emotions can unlock peak performance.

From the creators of the groundbreaking Sports, Energy and Consciousness Festival comes Omni Athlete™, a new weekly interview show that explores the perspectives of the world’s highest achieving mind, body and spirit competitors to learn their secrets for accessing peak performance. Hosted by longtime NFL sportscaster for the San Francisco 49ers, Rich Walcoff, Omni Athlete is designed to give athletes the techniques and knowledge they need to access their peak performance state. Subscribe for new episodes every Tuesday.


Pulled Quotes

  • “It’s our experience that really colors our memories and how we relate to things.” [3:30]
  • “Hits can be gifts.” [8:45]
  • “Sport is a portal.” [12:30]
  • “Youandme” [16:25]
  • “When team chemistry occurs it extends out into an entire stadium.” [18:30]
  • “What you’re seeing literally, is the evolution of mankind on the playing field. Something that’s never been done before.” [24:15]
  • “Our body is the teacher.” [27:35]
  • “What’s your pattern? What’s your practice?” [28:50]
  • “There’s wisdom in the body.” [29:25]
  • “Feel into it.” [29:30]
  • “It’s about the joy of the game.” [32:25]
  • “The best game I ever pitched – I lost.” [33:55]
  • “You can train anger into peak performance.” [36:10]
  • “You can train your emotions and be who you want to be.” [37:50]
  • “Energy and consciousness are interwoven through sport.” [38:20]


Show Notes

  • Barry talks about his first experiences with the oneness of team chemistry as a youth athlete in high school [2:30]
  • The real reasons that people play sports: pure joy, self esteem, unresolved issues or unmet needs [4:20]
  • The impact of setbacks and “hits” on Barry’s psychological, spiritual and physical growth as an athlete – reframing hits as gifts [8:30]
  • The mindful athlete – yoga and meditation as a competitive athlete at the highest levels [10:30]
  • The power of group flow to elevate performance for a team with diverse backgrounds and cultures [15:30]
  • What happens to a stadium and fans when an entire team enters a flow state together [18:30]
  • The translation of sport into everyday life and the ROI of the athletic experience [21:30]
  • The extraordinary of sport and developing emotional resilience in life as athletes, competitors and everyday people [24:00]
  • The hara, emotional training and the multiple intelligences of the body that can unlock deeper experiences through athletics & heightened states of performance [26:30]
  • What can the everyday/recreational athlete or exerciser do with sports, energy and consciousness? Hint… It’s about GROWTH – emotionally, mentally and physically [30:30]
  • The best game Barry ever pitched he lost… why was it the best and what did he learn about himself in that moment? [33:55]
  • Training anger into peak performance [36:15]
  • Sport, music and religion – why their essentially the same thing [44:00]


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