Leadership and Character Development Through Sport



Trevor Tierney is a former all-world lacrosse goalie and the only goalie in the history of the game to have won an NCAA Championship, an ILF World Championship, and an MLL Championship.

This former 2x all-american turned performance and development coach to athletes and executives exposes the power of sport as a path to peak performance and explains how to use athletic competition as a way of developmental growth off the field in this episode of Omni Athlete with Rich Walcoff.

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Pull Quotes:

* “There’s something to getting upset about a ball going in that’s going to keep me from doing well the rest of the game” [2:13]
* “Just make the next save” [3:35]
* “It’s the guys that have the mental strength, react in games and let their bodies do the movement they’ve trained to in games that make it to the top” [8:08]
* “I really enjoy looking back at my career and being friends with a lot of the guys I used to compete with” [26:09]
* “How can athletics be a microcosm of the world?” [27:21]
* “Young athletes can handle these more complex topics if they’re brought to them in a way that’s more accessible” [28:35]
* “Professional sports is not a good model for youth, high school and college athletes, teams and coaches to emulate” [31:35]
* “It’s about the process” [37:33]
* “The best team may not be best for your kid” [39:39]

Show Notes:

* Trevor talks about the turning point in learning about his mental game and its impact on competition [2:02]
* Trevor talks about the value of learning to control emotions as part of accessing peak performance [3:01]
* Trevor mentions Scott Ford and how learning to get in the zone helped his timing catch up with the shots he was facing (115mph+ ! ) [4:45]
* Trevor talks about ESPN Sports science study on how fast Lacrosse goalies have to react to the ball for a save: 250 – 300 milliseconds [7:05]
* Introduction to Flow Dynamics [8:58]
* What happens when you get in the zone [10:10]
* How to apply the flow state off the field and after you’re done performing [14:05]
* Four stages of adult development and how they map to athletics, the human experience and achieving peak performance [16:00]
* What college coaches should say to the player who says “what do I have to do to get more playing time?” [19:30]
* Mission driven athletes [20:30]
* Cooperation vs. competition in athletic culture and why it’s not about the extremes of participation trophies or blood doping [23:37]
* Martial arts and learning to respect your opponent in the midst of competition as part of achieving peak performance [25:30]
* Using lessons in sports as a path to improving our communities as athletes [27:40]
* When to introduce peak performance training into youth sports [28:15]
* How to choose the right role models in athletics [31:00]
* Transactional coaching vs. transformational coaching [32:25]
* Being the best vs. enjoying the process and how to walk that tight rope [38:10]
* Parenting youth athletes with a growth mindset [39:25]

Mentioned in this episode:

* Scott Ford http://bit.ly/2hCE6FH [4:30]
* Flow Dynamics and Delta Developmental http://bit.ly/2x2gA6O [8:58]
* Flow State http://bit.ly/2yd3KYz [10:45]
* The Window and Playing in the Zone http://bit.ly/2xR516v [11:20]
* Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi http://bit.ly/2xM2hqH [11:58]
* Steph Curry http://bit.ly/2fEZGsp & Lebron James http://bit.ly/2fCLXCi [30:45]
* Gregg Popovich & San Antonio Spurs http://on.nba.com/2xLCjn7 [31:10]
* Cleveland Indians Streak & cohesion http://nyti.ms/2ydU8wG [31:15]
* Joe Ehrmann – Inside Out Coaching http://bit.ly/2fEdyDj [32:18]
* Stephen Jenkinson http://bit.ly/2yNf5vF [34:50]
* James Harrison http://es.pn/2fDxNRx [37:35]

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