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Episode #51: Jon Root on Embodying Your Expanding Consciousness

    Today’s guest is Jon Root - a former Olympic Beach Volleyball player and a member of the Stanford athletics hall of fame, who sees life as the ultimate spiritual sport. From the creators of the groundbreaking Sports, Energy and Consciousness Festival™ comes Omni...

Episode #49: Derrick Furlow Jr. on Transitioning Like a Champion

Today’s guest is Derrick Furlow Jr. - an author, entrepreneur, speaker and former University of Tennessee football player who turned his effort, willingness to add value and the release of his ego into a mindset of impacting, inspiring and empowering. From the...

Episode #48: Matt Belair on Ultimate Human Expression

    Today's guest is truly a one of a kind author, athlete, coach and speaker who's on a mission to empower athletes everywhere to go within, go beyond, and master the mental game of sport. Through his prolific podcast, which includes interviews with some of the...

Episode #47: Brian Cain on Becoming World Class

    Today's guest is a number one international bestselling author who is one of the preeminent peak mental performance coaches on the planet. His training has produced more than 60 first round draft picks across the NFL, MLB, NHB, and NHL. He boasts elite college...

Episode #46: Phil Shinnick on Manipulating Gravity

Today's guest is a man who incredible journey through sports and life has included being a two-time U.S. track and field Olympian, a University of Washington hall of fame inductee and record holder, founder of the Moscow Peace Marathon, and a world record holder for...

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